Student Athletes

The student-athlete brings a different set of skills to campus that can yield positive results for both the institution and student-athlete. Colleges and universities seek out student-athletes that can contribute both on the playing field and in the classroom. On balance, college athletes need strong time-management skills to balance classes and homework with practices and games. University College Advisors seeks to find the optimal match between the student-athlete profile and the schools that will enable them to flourish in both the athletic and academic arenas.

As a former college athlete playing Division III baseball and football, I have a personal interest in assisting students seeking to continue their athletic pursuits at the college level. Our focus is targeting non-scholarship athletic opportunities at all division levels with an eye towards matching both academic and athletic competencies with the right college. Student-athletes may also have access to financial aid for college, without the sport-centered obligations of an athletic scholarship. Student-athletes can continue to compete in a highly competitive athletics program while receiving all the benefits of college life. Finding the setting that will enable a student-athlete to participate adds a wealth of satisfaction to their college experience.