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The Problem

Parents and their college-seeking students face an increasingly complex and frustrating search for the perfect college match. As admission to all colleges becomes more and more competitive, taking an organized and systematic approach to examining schools in relation to quality and offerings becomes vital.  The college search picture includes issues of college affordability, location, reputation, competitiveness and a host of factors that are difficult to assess.  Add to this the time, money and effort devoted to preparing to set the admissions process in motion. The pivotal question: What is the most efficient way to build college readiness for your student?  

The Solution

University College Advisors, located in Long Island, New York, is a comprehensive educational consulting service designed to meet the educational needs of emerging college students. Geared for the challenges of today’s college application and admissions process, we guide students by providing tools to enhance their college application profile. While navigating our informational website, you will learn about our educational philosophy and the valuable menu of services that put this philosophy into practice. Our goal is to provide value-added features that will help students and their parents solve the often-challenging world of college admissions. In addition, we aim to assist families in establishing and promoting valuable tools that will enhance the student’s college experience beyond admission.

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