Educational Philosophy

Our guiding framework is to capitalize on the vast experience brought via assessment, consultation and academic planning to promote a comprehensive educational consulting service. Geared to the challenges of today’s college admissions process, we strive to provide tools to enhance a student’s college application profile. Our educational philosophy includes polishing a student’s resume to allow them to put their best foot forward.  Through a broad menu of services, we will strive to cover all the bases and assist students in fine tuning their college-oriented skills. Our goal is to provide value-added features that will help students and their parents solve the complex world of college admissions. In addition, through our experiential knowledge and long-standing background in education, we seek to establish valuable tools that will enhance a student’s college experience beyond admission. 

Working as a school psychologist in the New York City Schools for the past thirty-two years brings practical experience in seeking sound placement objectives for students and their families. A background in program planning is integral to the professional service we seek to provide. In addition, firmly established experience in student assessment adds layers of confidence that testing and statistical data will be clearly interpreted.  Effectively, a lifelong dedication to assessment and programming aids in our mission of “Bringing Your College Search into Focus”.  Pursuing the right college fit stands atop our list of goals for students.   An additional objective is to enhance student profiles and locate educational placements that enable students to thrive. Our professional background experience and expertise is directed towards addressing educational needs and providing premium value for client families’ educational dollars.