Special Needs Students

Colleges today are meeting the demands of a much larger student population with a broader variety of individual needs. These educational needs may benefit from accommodations which assist eligible students in navigating their academic world. Accommodations might include extended time on tests, separate testing room with limited distractions, scribes, textbooks with an alternate format, or priority early registration, among others. Reasonable accommodations within the learning environment are done to enable individuals with disabilities to have an equal opportunity to participate in an academic program. We guide students through this process by identifying schools with a disability resource center and walking them through the steps needed to put accommodations in place at the outset of their collegiate career.  

Part and parcel to working within special education settings is a familiarity with the special needs student and their unique educational abilities. At the high school level, University College Advisors has assessed, programmed and counseled students with learning disabilities. Additionally, we have assisted special needs students in their pursuit of higher education, searching and identifying schools that offer favorable outcomes for students with learning needs. Thus, this specific subset of aspiring college students is one that we are keenly in touch with and can work to elevate their overall college experience.